22mm bearing according to Mitsubishi OEM # DB79000, MI1904, M422 (made in Europe).


Bearing according to Mitsubishi OEM # DB79000 (made in Europe)

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22mm bearing. According to Mitsubishi OEM # DB79000, M1904, P840F000P67, P840F000P69. For Mitsubishi wire EDM machines.

Typically used on wire feed DC motor 10CL-2501G; M1947 ceramic roller; guide roller bearings for FA-10, and FA10-S series machines.

Also available according to OEM # DH06200 or SKU: 16-MI20001 or 16-MI20002 reversion roller.

Additional information

Weight0.3 lbs
Dimensions4 × 4 × 4 in
Machine Model

BA24, BA8, FA10, FA20, FA30, FX10, FX20, FX30, QA10, QA20, RA90

Oem Numbers

DB79000, M1904, M422, P840F000P67, P840F000P69

Packing Quantity

1 pc

Primary Category


Machine Manufacturer


Product Dimensions

8mm ID X 22mm OD


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