System 3R WEDM 2 D Starter Kit according to System 3R-242HP

System 3R WEDM 2 D Starter Kit


System 3R WEDM 2 D Starter Kit, Includes: 3R-225 Reference stop (1), 3R-272HP Levelling adapter HP (1), 3R-292.3 SuperVice <100 mm (1), 3R-293.3 SuperVice Ø8-90 mm (1), 3R-294.3 Vice <100 mm (1), 3R-914.07 Torque wrench, 7Nm (1), 3R-333-03 Allen key, 3 mm (1), 3R-333.05 Allen key, 5 mm (1)

Additional information

Weight20 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 6 in
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EDM Tooling

Products Type

System 3R

Oem Numbers

3R242HP, 3R-242HP

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